Dave Hockaday WB4IUY, Youngsville NC USA FM05
The WB4IUY Workshop

The Engineering Department @ WB4IUY/AC4QD

I've been building, repairing, restoring, and/or collecting amateur radio equipment since age 14. In the relm of technical interests, radio has always been my first "love". In 1974, with the help of my dad, I began an adventure that is still going strong and is of more interest than ever to me. The following are pictures of my workbenches and various projects I currently have under way.

My workbench is taylored more towards analog/RF repair, with the ability to generate in range of 1 ghz synthesized or 40 ghz analog multiplied. RF Measurements and analysis to 40 ghz are possible, counting to > 1 ghz, DC or AC to approx 50 KV.

Like most facilities, the Engineering Staff at WB4IUY is constantly within a state of "flux" and consequently may routinely change in appearance and/or opinion. Your milage may vary.

Radio Workshop Webcam

This is a psudo live video feed from the radio workshop, when I put it on the air from time to time. It's not always on, but check back and watch for it, as I do let it run quite a lot. It's a low bitrate feed with no audio, so it's easy on my internet service. it essentially snaps a pic every 30 seconds and updates my webpage automagically.

You can also click the links below the video window and see some of my other cam feeds as extracted from some of my security cams around the property.

Most of these cams are the little cheapie internet chat cams that can be bought for under $20.

- Studio 'A' Cam
- Studio 'B' Cam
- Radio Workshop Cam
- Yard Cam

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