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Here are a few of my QSL cards - Play the slideshows below to see lots more!


QSL Cards...

At the right is a picture of my paper "QSL" card. A QSL card is like a postcard. Hams often exchange these unique cards with each other and hang them around their radio room to remind themselves and others of the ability to contact distant locations. QSL cards also serve as a confirmation of these distant contacts for various awards and certificates of achievement. Some QSL cards have pictures of the Amateur Radio station, the operator of the station, their pets, drawings, etc. Some hams also call them "wallpaper". I have many of these several hanging on the walls of my radio room (usually called a "shack" by most hams). The slideshows below contain some of the cards I've collected since 1974.


- eQSL Saved My Logs!

Digital Picture Frame

This is a neat way to display your QSLs in the shack. As opposed to piles of cards sitting packed away in card files, or covering your walls in plastic display packs, I scan my cards and load them into this unit. It can hold literally thousands of cards. I also download my digital QSL cards from eQSL and load them in as well. It's easy to use, and works great!

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Digital Picture Frame


Like many hams, I've got piles of this paper around, from operations since 1974. I'm still scanning these for my digital picture frame, so I have quite a few on display on the walls in my shack.


QSL Card Slideshows

The slideshow below is a random display of all the cards I've uploaded to the system. I'll be constantly uploading more as I have time to scan them or collect them from www.eQSL.cc. Enjoy!

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