Dave Hockaday WB4IUY, Youngsville NC USA FM05
PSK Screen in DM-780

PSK Operation @ WB4IUY/AC4QD

One the right are screen captures of PSK31 in operation at WB4IUY. This is a mode similar to RTTY in that it uses a very narrow frequency shift and is only a few Hz wide. Multiple conversations can take place at once in the bandwidth of a single voice transmission, so it is very efficient. The narrow bandwidth also greatly reduces the need for significant power levels, and I make contact all over the world with only a few watts.

This is a great mode for remote operation, as one can see signals in the 'waterfall', move the mouse cursor over the signal and click, and make contact via keyboard. You can see more about my Remote operation under the [WB4IUY] tab at the top of the page. This is another mode built into DM-780 (part of Ham Radio Deluxe) and is soundcard mode via computer interface. You only need a soundcard interface for your computer, and I use a Buxcomm Rascal (only about $50!!) for this and many other digital modes. See the Rascal in the info below... Super Browser Screen in DM-780

The images on the right are captured from from my computer screen. You can click on the pictures for a larger view. The first picture is of the typical PSK receive and transmit windows, with the 'Waterfall' at the bottom of that screen. The Waterfall is a moving graphical interface that allows you to visualize the other stations that are active within that 3khz wide sliver of the band. Stronger signals are brighter colors, weaker signals are not as brightly colored. It really makes operation on PSK and tuning to signals EASY!

Another neat feature built into DM-780 for PSK31 is the 'Super Browser'. This is seen in the 2nd picture on the right. It allows you to see all on-going conversations and calls, and easily connect or join in by simply clicking the red test string of the station you wish to contact. It works by simply turning the waterfall up on it's side, and decoding each individual data stream...all at once! This is too cool!!

Using HRD's DM-780 on PSK

I use DM-780 (built into Ham Radio Deluxe) to work PSK. The Buxcomm Rascal comes with other PSK programs that work well, but I use DM-780 because it sorta has everything I want (all modes) in once package. It's easy to work PSK with this software. I like it because you can see signals across 3khz of the band in the waterfall, and you can QSY within that 3khz with a simple mouse click.


Buxcomm Rascal Interface on PSK Modes

I've said this before, but I'll say it again... the best $50 I've _EVER_ spent on my shack was when I bought a Rascal Soundcard/Rig Interface from Buxcomm. I had never even heard PSK31 or other digital modes of that sort... When the Rascal came in the mail to me, I had it opened, installed, and making my first contact on the air in less than 30 minutes. It was a beautifully simple plug and play operation, and came with all cables and software needed to get it up in running in just minutes. You can find it on Buxcomm Communications' website at http://www.buxcomm.com/. It doesn't get any easier or less expensive to get on the digital modes than this! I've also made a mod to the Rascal for keyed CW, so I wouldn't have to change cables when I operated in CW (not MCW) mode. I've posted info and a drawing about this on the site, and you can see it by clicking HERE.

Buxcomm Rascal Interface

For the Rascal CW Mod, click HERE. For the Rascal Remote Operation, click HERE.

Real-Time PSK Spots on HamSpots.net

Click HERE for CURRENT PSK SPOTS on HamSpots.net.

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